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Scientific toys

that feel like magic.

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Flux Original

The Original. Made of high-grade copper, Flux Original delivers the most intense anti-gravity effect possible. See and feel the beauty of science and have a unique conversation starter on your desk.

From $110

Skill Flux

Made of aluminium, Skill Flux provides a faster ball with a more dynamic experience. Learn and perform an infinite range of challenging tricks and show the world what you are capable of!

From $59

Spin Flux

Fitted inside the torus is the strongest magnet ball that humankind can produce on Earth today. It has an important job to do: It lets you fidget around with its amazing strength whenever you feel like. 

From $80


Welcome to the Team, Patrik!

We celebrate Patrik's incredible talent with a new colorway for the Feel Flux Skill Set called "PATRIKMOD". Every package is uniquely signed by Patrik.

From $89


Meet Klaus van Stegen, the first Feel Flux Pro Player. His dedication to the Skill Set led to the concept of making a new, improved model based on his playstyle and innovative ideas.

From $89

Magnet Shield

Protect your valuables from the powerful magnetic field of the Feel Flux magnets. Place your super-strong magnet ball in the cast-iron shells and lock the strong magnetic field inside the shield safely. 


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There is more behind Feel Flux than what meets the eye.

The physics behind the unique gravity-defying effect reaches beyond the attracting-repelling nature of magnets and lets you discover the world of magnetic induction.

See what exactly happens inside Feel Flux and what it teaches about eddy currents and Lenz's law.

Safety & Care

When it comes to magnets,

great power comes with great responsibility.


Learn more about how to minimize the risk of the super-strong magnets and how to play with Feel Flux the safest way. You can also get to know a few tricks to preserve or retrieve the beauty of the metal.

About the founders

Every great product begins with a great story. Feel Flux was created by two Hungarian undergraduates, Tom and Adam. They were studying Lenz’s law, the unique magnetic principle and loved it so much they decided to make it available for everyone. They started the project during their last year in university and launched a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $36k. Tom and Adam are now running the company that creates these beautiful hand-crafted items that conserve the magic of our world and also their dedication to science and design.

Adam Lanyi


Mechatronics Engineer

Tom Somlyo


Industrial Design Engineer

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