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Plated in pure 24-carat gold and wrapped in unique handmade artworks made by Anna Amélie, this is the most glamorous Feel Flux product we have ever made.




Meet Anna and her mesmerizing creations. Immerse yourself in her iconic lines, swirling chaotically and merging to shape eyes, faces, lovers, feelings and so much more. Each piece broadcasts a unique message to every viewer.

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Our products are Anna's canvas

Feel the magic of the 24K Limited Edition Feel Flux, a unique toy that defies gravity with a one-of-a-kind leather wrap.


Each strip features a unique hand-made artwork by Anna, whose signature line-art adds soul and color to the cylinder. Whether you play with them or display them, these tubes will enchant you with their beauty and effect.

AA blue in hand bbg.jpg


24 Carat Gold finish

The tubes themselves are as exquisite as the unique artworks they display. Each tube is hand-polished to perfection and coated with a thick layer of pure 24-carat gold.


The result is a dazzling finish with unparalleled luster that resists oxidation and preserves its shine forever.

gold leather.jpg


During the inception of Feel Flux, Anna played a pivotal role in inspiring us when we were crafting the initial prototypes for our crowdfunding campaign. She provided us with various types of leathers which we used to dress up our copper and aluminum cylinders. This design element infused our forthcoming products with a profound sense of soul and warmth, becoming an integral part of our brand identity ever since.


Over the years, Anna Amélie has evolved into a highly successful fashion brand, renowned for its iconic visual style. In celebration of our successes and the continuing friendship between both brands, we have adorned a strictly limited number of our products with Anna's iconic line-art pieces.

Learn more about Anna Amélie

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The Limited Edition Feel Flux will be rolled out gradually in batches of 10 unique leather designs at a time. While the leather types will reoccur, the line-art designs are unique and unrepeatable. Ensure you secure yours before they're gone!

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