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A few rules to keep in mind

Please note that Feel Flux includes a super-strong neodymium magnet ball that requires careful handling. Feel Flux is not for children, all of our products are for people aged 14 or older.

You should make sure that the following rules are always observed.

Keep away electronic equipment

Avoid high impact

Keep away measurement devices

Keep away from fire

Keep away phones and devices

Keep away watches

Do not consume

Keep away medical appliances

30 cm

1 ft

Store your magnet safely in a Feel Flux Magnet Shield

A few tips for the best experience

Playing with Feel Flux is endless fun, but a magnet ball this strong can be dangerous. Knowing how to deal with the strong magnet leaves less room for something unexpected.

Neodymium magnets are known to be fragile, they can shatter into multiple pieces on high impact. In order to avoid ball cracks or damages of the coating, make sure to play above soft surfaces such as grass or carpet and avoid throwing the magnet too high.



The magnet ball is quite heavy and very hard. Upon impact, it may leave small marks on a wooden floor or break fragile objects. Keep this always in mind when playing and always pay attention to your environment.



The magnet ball may stick to large iron objects very strongly. The easiest way to remove the ball is to pinch it off by sqeezing your fingers between the ball and the object. Twisting would be completely useless and pulling it would need much more force.



When you play outdoor, the ball may collect small magnetizable grains of dust from the grass. The easiest way to remove them is to swipe all the dust to one point of the ball and then pinch them off with your fingers little by little or use an adhesive tape to remove the debris.



How to preserve or retrieve the beauty of the Feel Flux cups

The intensity of the effect relies on the highly conductive materials and the super-strong magnets. However, these materials are soft and tend to oxidize over time. Learn how to get the most out of the aesthetics of your tubes.

Flux Original

Pure copper is a very soft material and even relatively small impacts between the hard ball and the tube will leave small marks on the surface of the copper. To avoid these damages, make sure not to drop the ball from higher than a few inches.


Copper is known to be susceptible to oxidation when exposed to grease, water, or humidity and may lose shine and get brown. You can slow down the process by not touching the metal itself and keeping the product in a dry place.


You can clean an oxidized Flux Original carefully with a paper towel and some sort of decalcifier. We recommend Cillit bang (EU) or Easy-off bang (USA) for lighter stains and any kind of silver cleaner for a fully oxidized tube. Make sure not to wet the leather cover when cleaning the metal.



Skill Flux & Set

Skill Flux is made for performing great tricks which comes with numerous high impacts between the cup and the ball. For aluminium being a relatively soft metal, the powerful impacts leave small dots on the surface of the Flux. At just a few dots it could look like damage, but hard-core fluxers will soon have tubes continuously covered with ball marks, which lead to an even more unique and just as beautiful surface. This is why we say Flux doesn't get damaged, it matures.


Aluminium doesn't get oxidized the way copper does. The oxidized surface doesn’t affect the aesthetics, therefore there is no need to clean the oxidized surface. However, you can make the Skill Flux shinier by wiping the surface strongly with a dry paper towel.

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