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Discover our latest creation

Six colorful rubber-coated balls meet the iconic N52 Feel Flux magnet — the result is an oddly satisfying, multi-purpose fidget toy you won’t be able to put down.


Mighty Fidget

What makes FLUXONS such a unique entry in the world of fidget toys is the combination of material quality, aesthetics, weight and the unparalleled magnetic strength.

The matte rubber finish on the steel spheres provides a captivating tactile experience that makes you want to reach for this intriguing object whenever you see it. FLUXONS offers endless ways to fidget: use only one ball or all of them at once, squeeze them, pop them, connect and disconnect them -- everyone has their favorite way to play and relax with FLUXONS.

FLUXONS work with the same N52 magnet we include with all of our other products, which means you can purchase only the rubber coated steel balls if you already have a magnet or if you are purchasing a Feel Flux product that comes with one.

Mini Games

FLUXONS is an open-ended, sandbox-type toy that allows infinite ways of play. There are no fixed rules—come up with your own ideas, share them with your friends and have fun. If you need some inspiration, here our favorites so far:



Set up the balls in a line in a specific order. Player A has to mix up the colors and Player B has to re-organize them in the original order by only touching the magnet. When finished, the other player takes their turn. Faster player wins.



Place the magnet on a flat surface. Form two teams: team Color and Team B&W. Each team places one of their spheres as close to the magnet as possible. The team whose ball attaches to the magnet first loses.



Place the magnet on the ground, pick a team and start rolling your spheres towards the magnet in rounds. The team with the most spheres directly connected to the magnet wins.

Build & Display

Enjoy the ZEN process of creating beautiul FLUXONS shapes and displaying them on your shelf or desk. Come up with as many designs as you can and share your favorites with the community using the #fluxons hashtag.

You can combine more then one set of FLUXONS to create even more complex formations.

FLUXONS can be a unique kinetic art piece in any modern home.


in the box:

6 colorful rubber-coated steel balls
1 Feel Flux Magnet
1 Carrying Box that works as a Magnet Shield
1 User Manual


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