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Our new Skill Set colorway reflects our appreciation for Patrik’s amazing talent and creativity. The PATRIKMOD is a tribute to the endless dedication and practice he puts into creating incredible new tricks with the Skill Set.

From $89

Meet Patrik.

And his skills.

Patrik was born in ‘93 in Hungary.

He started to discover his BMX skills when he was 13.

He started playing with all kinds of skill toys at the age of 15.

Since he got his first Skill Flux in 2019, he has been creating new tricks combining different skill toys. This formed his unique style in the skill toy community.

Patrik has a gift. He can play and create tricks with whatever you put in his hands. Lucky for us, he got his hands on a Skill Set a few years ago, and since he has become one of the most incredible Feel Flux players in the world.


He regularly comes up with extremely creative new trick ideas, pushing the limits of what can be done with this unique, versatile toy. He is the living proof of the fact that nothing is impossible, it’s just a matter of dedication, practice, and persistence.



In the box:

  • Two Skill Flux tubes with
    Patrik's yellow leather cover

  • One neodymium magnet ball 

  • Linen carrying pouch

  • English user manual

  • Each box is uniquely signed by Patrik

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