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Skill Flux & Skill Set

The Skill Set is designed to get the most fun out of the unique anti-gravity effect. It enables you to perform all kinds of skill tricks by keeping the magnet ball in the air, relying on the special magnetic force alone.

Prepare your skills for a truly next-gen skill toy experience!

Skill Flux is designed around the gravity-defying effect of Lenz’s law which makes it the most unique and futuristic skill toy ever made. While the Flux Original embraces the mesmerizing levitation effect itself, Skill Flux is all about the limitless trick possibilities this effect provides.

Get your hands on the Skill Flux and extend your limits beyond gravity.

A new generation of skill toys.

For a new generation of players.

It doesn’t wear.

It matures.

Designed to last.


The best toys are often the simplest. Skill Flux consists of a solid aluminium tube and a magnet ball only — no batteries, electronics, and gimmicks, just barefoot physics.

Drop the heavy magnet ball into the Skill Flux tubes and play around with the gravity-defying effect. It's the first step into a world of incredible tricks.

Skill Flux has an asymmetric design that enables you to stack multiple tubes on each other. Make a tube as long as you want or use your Kendama and Yo-Yo skills to land amazing trick combos!

Skill Flux is precisely turned from one of the purest and best-conducting aluminium alloys using CNC machines that guarantee a perfect finish. The tubes are then wrapped in a colorful leather cover for a classy look and a warm feel, also providing a perfect grip for when you play.

Because of this, there is virtually nothing to break. If you take care of your Skill Flux, it will be a toy that you can pass onto your grandchildren. As you play, you will see the signs of use and there is nothing wrong with that, it just gets matured.

Doing tricks with the Skill Flux starts simple and satisfying but improving your moves gets challenging really quickly.

You can keep the magnet ball in the air by using the special magnetic interaction alone - no physical contact needed.

Just pull up the tube quickly while the ball is inside and it will magically pull up the ball too. Catch the ball with a tube and loop.

Your journey will guide you through countless drops, flips, catches, ups, and downs and you will enjoy every rewarding and sweat-braking moment of it.

Drop the ball into the tube and 
catch it with the other one.

You just landed your first trick.

Skill Flux


In the box:

  • One tube of Skill Flux

  • One neodymium magnet ball 

  • Linen carrying pouch

  • English user manual

Skill Set


In the box:

  • Two tubes of Skill Flux

  • One neodymium magnet ball 

  • Linen carrying pouch

  • English user manual

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