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Flux Original

Flux Original delivers the most intense anti-gravity effect possible. Keep this addictive science gadget on your desk or take it with you: Flux Original will be your favorite all-in-one conversation starter, stress reliever, and fidget toy.

The beauty of Flux Original lies in its simplicity. The gravity-defying effect is delivered by a simple metal tube and a magnet. No batteries, electronics, or high-tech trickery involved.

The result?


A refined product built to last forever. Just like physics itself, Flux Original never fails or goes obsolete. It will keep on mesmerizing you, your kids, and even your grandchildren if you look after this timeless item.

A solid block of pure copper

wrapped in premium suede leather.

No gravity included.


How do they work?

The physics principle that makes the magnet ball feel weightless in the tube is substantially different from the usual attracting/repelling nature of the magnets we all know.

Copper does not attract magnets as iron does, but it conducts electricity very well. So when a strong magnet moves around nearby, it generates electric current inside the copper tube. This current behaves like an electromagnet and it opposes the motion of the magnetic ball, making it fall very slowly as a result.

Since this interaction is wakened by the motion between the two pieces, the magnetic force is only present if we move them. This results in a very unique and satisfying experience and a great item to fidget with.

Learn something about science.

Feel something unbelievable.

The effect Flux Original has to offer may seem fairly simple, but the little nuances that you will keep discovering about the behaviour of the product are endless.


Here are a few experiments to get started:

While the ball is in the tube, you can feel its weight added to the weight of the tube even though there is no contact between them.

Dropping the ball precisely from a height into the center of the tube hole precisely is incredibly satisfying. The so-called silent catch produces no sound, but you can feel the momentum of the ball as it's being slowed down smoothly.

You can spin the ball before dropping it into the tube. The falling ball will always rotate around its magnetic axis, just like Earth does.

If you roll the tube on a table with the ball inside it, the ball will start levitating. Try to find the slowest speed at which the ball takes off!

Put the ball in the tube, grab it with two fingers from both sides and start moving it around. It will feel as if it was submerged in honey or some sort of dense liquid.

Pure Copper.

Pure fun.

Each tube of Flux Original is precisely turned from a purpose-made copper tube with aircraft-grade machinery. The alloy consists of 99.99% copper making it the best conductor after pure silver. And the exceptional conductivity means the best possible gravity-defying effect.

Every Flux Original has a genuine suede leather cover that is hand-crafted from picking, cutting, labeling all the way to attaching it to the tube. As a result, it seamlessly blends into the surface of the metal and provides a truly premium feel.

FO leather samples.png

We proudly present the desktop stand

So you can proudly present your Flux Original

Every Flux Original comes with a premium desktop stand in the box that will look elegant and intriguing on your shelf. And the best part? If you want to play, just lift the tube quickly and the magnet ball will come with it. 





Alailable for $12

only at the Feel Flux online store

Included in all Flux Oriniginal packages as default.

Flux Original

from $110.00

In the box:

  • One Flux Original copper tube

  • Walnut wood desktop stand (upgradable)

  • One neodymium magnet ball 

  • Velvet carrying pouch

  • English user manual

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