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Meet Klaus van Stegen, the first Feel Flux Pro Player. His dedication to the Skill Set led to the concept of making a new, improved model based on his playstyle and innovative ideas.

From $99


Meet Klaus.

And his Pro Mod.

Klaus was born in 1986 in Germany.

In 2015, his wife Svenja gifted him his first Kendama and he got hooked big time.

In 2016, Klaus accidentally came across Feel Flux and immediately felt that he had to try one.

Soon it turned out that he was a natural talent — he was able to capitalize on his Kendama skills to innovate new trick variations with the Skill Set

Klaus became an official Feel Flux Pro Player in 2019 and provided his insights on how the Skill Set could be improved. His suggestions lead to the birth of his Pro Model.


Klaus van Stegen was the first true pioneer in creating and perfecting a plethora of new tricks after Feel Flux entered the skill toy world.

The hugely popular Skill Set transformed a mesmerizing natural wonder into an intense skill challenge. Guided by input from our first official Pro Player, Klaus van Stegen, the Skill Set has been beautifully redesigned with a variety of innovative new features.

The Pro Model celebrates Klaus’ dedication for pushing the limits of Feel Flux by featuring his signature black and red color scheme.

Klaus goes Pro

So does the Skill Flux


Refined features.

For refined tricks.

The new curved edges noticeably improve stackability allowing more precise contact between the tubes. The finer maneuverability comes in handy when you have a split second to catch the tube mid-air. The magnet ball now perfectly fits the curved edge enabling you to balance the ball on it.

The newly added grooves on both ends provide better grip and traction and improve awareness of how the tubes are oriented in your hands. The anodized black surface provides a stickier surface that is also more resistant to the wear and tear that comes with pro-level playing.

In the box:

  • Two Skill Flux tubes of
    Klaus Pro Model with red leather

  • One neodymium magnet ball 

  • Linen carrying pouch

  • English user manual



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